Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Hello to anyone who's wondering where I've been. Mostly I've been hanging out on Facebook because it's easier and quicker than blogging. I do miss this sometimes though.
I hadn't realized how much things had changed for me till I went back and looked at my old posts. They kind of give you markers for your frame of mind at the time you wrote them.
I've really been having a blast and doing something I've always been interested in now. (here's where I'll probably lose a few of you, but that's ok. It doesn't matter too much to me)
 Back in April I had a reading done by a local psychic for my birthday. I do this almost every year. Anyway, I had signed up for a psychic development class at our local community college and was unable to attend because of an unexpected surgery. During the reading the woman told me that I was gifted (I knew this, sorta) and informed me of a group that met every week of people who were practicing their mediumship. She asked if I would like to join them. Would I?! Are you F'in kidding me?! And I've been there every week since.
Now for those of you who think this is a bunch of crap, stop reading, un-follow me and get on with your blogger life without reading this, because frankly I think it sucks to be you. For those of you who do, cool.
All my life I have had metaphysical experiences. I have read, studied, followed, investigated all manner of paranormal and psychic topics and now I really understand why. When you have abilities it's hard to talk about it. It's not something you just bring up in conversation that's for sure. People will think you're nuts. I have to be careful of that even when I'm NOT talking about this stuff!
I do have gifts and now that I'm focusing specifically on them and working with other people who are gifted on a daily basis, WOW!! It is amazing!!I've had so many cool experiences and keep having them. I've started doing readings for people myself and know without a shadow of a doubt that I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. How many people can say that?
Believing in  myself, no matter what, has payed off. I'm on the next big adventure of my life, finally! For those of you who know a little of my history, well, you can imagine that it feels pretty darn good!  


Monkey Man said...

So great to hear from you Jenn. What a fantastic experience. There are a number of blog sites written by folks who believe and have had forms of psychic experiences. Start with Ghost Hunting Theories. Here is her URL -

Hope to hear more from you. I will also check for you on Facebook.

Syd said...

Nice Jenn. I have such strong intuitive parts of me. I am glad that you are fulfilling this part of your psyche.

Enchanted Oak said...

I believe you're on the next big journey of your life, and I wish you so many blessings.
My mother died suddenly in August and I was there for her. Been fighting with pneumonia ever since. Please go to my blog and read the poem on today's post (Sat., Dec. 4). Her death, her illness, the awful last few months, and the aftermath of her death have shifted something in me. I feel like I'm slowly being reborn, like you!
Too bad you can't do a reading from across the country.
I love seeing you again.

Genevieve said...


Well, looks like I need to add you to my facebook!

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly believe in your gift. You are favored to have discovered it. Many people I believe have certain gifts of which they never become aware.