Friday, November 13, 2009

10 Honest Things

Here are 10 honest things for our good friend at Enchantedoak Thank you again. It feels really good to have someone call me honest. I consider myself honest, probably to a fault most of the time. So here goes:

  1. I also play music really loud when I clean the house. My current favorite is Kings Of Leon. Their music is great and they're just plain hot. ( I usually stop and dance in front of a mirror from time to time too.)
  2. I sing songs to my dog in a weird voice. I've had weird little songs for every pet I've ever owned and I've done this since I was little. Trust me, you NEVER want to hear this. I'm not sure that my dog does either.
  3. I get very excited when I find cloths that really fit. I am 6' tall. I rarely have cloths on that fit the way they're supposed to. The legs are too short, or the sleeves are too short. I always have to do some kind of cover up or whatever to mask this problem with most outfits. It gets really old.
  4. I always know who's calling when the phone rings. If it's a stranger, I know it's a stranger. My husband always looks at me to hear who it is before he goes to look at the caller ID.
  5. I love lipstick and probably have at least 100 tubes of it. I'm sad that I look ridiculus in some of the colors I used to be able to wear.
  6. Ice cream is my favorite food.
  7. I hate TV. I haven't had TV in my house for about 15 years.
  8. I would love to go to Africa. My all time favorite movie scene is in "Out of Africa" where they are flying over the plain and Meryl Streep takes Robert Redford's hand. I cry every single time I see it and I've owned the movie since it was first released.
  9. I love cowboy boots. (I love cowboys too)
  10. I'm artistic and I'm asking for an acrylic painting class for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your 10 Honest Things. I understand the clothes issue, though mine is just the reverse at 5' tall. Perhaps I can cut off my excess and ship it to you! I'm also an ice cream fiend. Have it just about every night ~ though here in Italy, it's gelato and damn is it good!

~Chef Kar

enchantedoak said...

My best bud Tonya was 6'1" and hated shopping for clothes. I relate because I am 5' and nothing ever fits me either.
I dance in front of the mirror sometimes too to see if I am dancing weird or not. Sometimes I like what I see.
If I sing to my dog, he cocks his ear at me. I hate TV too. I'm not precognizant about callers or a lipstick fan--I think it all looks bad on me. I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I'm scared of Africa and I love your artistic side. I can't paint but I'm pretty good with flowers and words.
Just for fun, seeing how much we have in common!

Cat said...

"Ice cream is my favorite food. "


Love reading and learning more about you jenn. have a great weekend.


Brian Miller said...

cool rick with the phone. wish i could do that.

ice cream...yeah, i'm with you.

oh, hope you get your class for Christmas!

Monkey Man said...

A bit of insight into JeNN. These meme's can do that. Thanks for the honesty. Ice Cream is food. I let my kids have it for breakfast. Probably less sugar than some cereals.

Susan said...

Seems we share a blog award, a love for Africa, and creativity.
Love your blog.

Tall Kay said...

Thanks Jenn for sharing more about youself. I can relate to the clothes thing...and shoes that fit properly. I hope Santa brings you what you want (been a good girl?)

Anonymous said...

So, did you know that was me on the phone the other day?

I know what you mean about the clothes thing too, even though I am three inches shorter than you.

"Out of Africa" I love that movie too, I can watch it over and over, but how do you watch it without a TV?

big Jenn said...

Let me make a correction. I usually know who's on the phone and I have A TV I just don't have cable or anything. i do watch movies.jeNN

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Love your list. Have great weekend. Maybe you can go boot-scooting, huh?

G-Man said...

NO TV????????
The Food Channel alone is worth it!

The History Channel?

Two-Wheel Tuesday on the Speed Channel?

Mary LA said...

I also sing to my pets in a funny voice. I have a special song for each dog or cat I have had.

And you must come to Africa, it will change you life -- I have lived in nine out of 43 countries, travlled through most of the others and I love this continent beyond words.

boots said...

Hey where is your 55?
but I love your entry for Friday! we would be funny to see together cause I am under 5 feet every thing is too long!!
we havent had cable in 15 years and people thought we had abused our children. First thing our boys did when they moved out is buy tv and cable! But then they tell great stories of the adventures they had!

Just loved your entry.

Lou said...

When people say I'm direct, I know it is a polite way of saying "too much honesty."

I've accepted that is me, I can't change it (I tried for awhile). Honesty is your nature too, you cannot mute it or soften it. I appreciate it, and you can bring it on (I can take it..LOL).

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love all of these about you..that's why I love you!

As you know I'm 6' also so shopping not so much fun!!

Kings Of Leon rock, but I am in a Collide phase right now for cleaning..and yeah they are hot!

I love to sing to my oggles they just stare at me...

JeNN I adore and love you so much and I am so grateful for you honesty!!

xo g

Syd said...

Great list. I have pet names for my animals too. And I don't much like TV but I dig movies. I liked Out of Africa even though many would say that it is a chick flick. Who cares?
I have roping boats, several pairs, that are just plain comfortable.

~ Tabitha ~ said...

#7 is most impressive!!