Wednesday, November 25, 2009


God is always speaking, whether or not I'm listening.
Sometimes the radio dial
Is tuned into the station
The music streams in loud and clear
With all its colors

Where does the static come from
I'm usually speaking too loud

Am I hearing, or listening
Am I too busy trying to tell you what I know
Which is nothing

I'm playing with the dial
I have nothing to say


enchantedoak said...

I just left a long comment about loving you whether you rant or rave on your old blog, and an error message came up and lost it all. Man, it was so profound, too! Shit. I have this new blog on my blog roll, so it's the one I check for new posts. I love you, girl, whether you're ranting or raving. Keep it up. Please.

enchantedoak said...

My head plays with the radio dial too and sometimes the static drives me nuts and I have to turn off the damn thing, maybe try again later.

Cat said...

I think I should stop playing with the dial could help.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Jenn.

Shadow said...

i love this, sounds like the thoughs buzzing around in my head...

Monkey Man said...

The universe shows me options. It is up to me to see them and choose whether or not to take action. For me Action is the key. I am not a "God" person. If there is static, maybe there is a reason for it.

Lou said...

There are so many stations..maybe we are better off just listening to the trees.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

THis being why I listen to satellite radio LOL!

I get this post so deeply, thank you Jenn as always!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. sometimes the static is soothing to me!

Syd said...

I understand what you wrote about with regard to people flocking around when there is chaos and misery. I think that we all have misery deep down at times so we rally to help during the crisis. Maybe it is deep in our genes that we helped those who were needing help thousands of years ago. I've seen it with dying. People are there in droves and then after the funeral there is no one. I accept this. But I wonder about its origin.

Pam said...

Happy Thanksgiving darlin'!

Tall Kay said...

Blessing to you on this day of giving thanks! Some days I just have to turn the radio off. Love and hugs to you.

~ Tabitha ~ said...