Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I just watched the 32nd Kennedy Center Honors, (yes, we finally have TV). One of the great artist's of my generation, Bruce Springsteen was one of the five recipients. I just happened to catch it, I had no idea he had won. I was so happy to see it. I think it is an amazing thing to be able to observe someone who is obviously doing what he came to this earth to do. I felt proud that I have lived through the whole history that Bruce speaks of in his songs. I feel like one of the people he speaks of in his songs.
I am proud to be an all American girl, born in the USA. I have a bandanna as a common part of my wardrobe, I wear Levis and leather, and I ride a Harley Davidson. Bruce's music has woven through the background of my life since I was in high school. He writes songs for us blue collar folks. He writes songs I can understand.
I believe if a person is expressing from his soul than we can all understand him. I hope that I am always aware enough to recognize someone who is.



G-Man said...


You like Bruce Springsteen?

Barbara aka Layla said...

Jenn QUICK!!! Run over to my blog, you will relate!!!!!

Shadow said...

i've always loved him, his music, that gravelly voice, and of course 'born in the usa'

Anonymous said...

Just had to look out the window real quick, yes it is very cold, but hell has not frozen over!!!!



He really looks yummy in that second pic.

Syd said...

It was great. The tributes to him were awesome. I liked the remark that he was born of a union between Bob Dylan and James Brown. Bruce rocks.

Enchanted Oak said...

Oh, yay! I saw him at the LA Coliseum during his Born in the USA tour. I'll never forget the sight of all those flickering flames as people lit their Bic lighters (this was what? 25 years ago? and we were all smoking pot, I guess) and he sang. He is a man of the people.
P.S. My hubby got Springsteen's greatest hits for Christmas. It was more a gift for me than a gift for him.

Monkey Man said...

An American icon deserving of recognition.

Lou said...

I have an aunt and cousins in Saute Ste Marie, Ontario. Every single summer the kids and I would drive up for a week. When we crossed the St Lawrence Seaway Bridge into Canada it was our tradition to put "Born in the USA"
on, open the windows, and blast it.
And the kids would jump around and make the car rock as we crossed over (OK, it was before seatbelts..LOL).

Oh, what a great memory! Thank you.

The ironic part is..I was born in Germany. Bruce made me feel proud to be in this country, though.

the walking man said...

One of Jersey's few non toxic exports. I agree with most every thing you said about the guy Jenn.

~ Tabitha ~ said...

Omg.You finally got a tv ? lol
(Tab popping up some popcorn)

Bruce Springsteen puts on one hell of a good concert too!

Ok..Happy new year Jenn.. I bet you will up till midnight tonight..watching tv! lol

Ps.I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate our blogship :)
Thanks for just being you - and sharing.

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Cool! I like him, too. But I've never been on a Harley. I'm afraid if I got on one, I'd ride on forever!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Watched it also and yeah he is truly one of the only singer songwriters who can tell the tale in a truthtelling way...

much love to you JeNN and thank you for being here for me this year...much love!
xo Gabi

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is so cool to come across your blog. I was first searching for other women motorcyclist blogs and discovered that you're a Springsteen fan too! I'm turning 50 this year as well and just a few days ago bought my dream bike. (twowheeledtravel)
Anyway, I was thrilled to see Springsteen on your blog. While I was in the shower this morning, "Streets of Philadelphia" came on and brought tears to my eyes. I spent the next hour reminiscing on youtube at old videos. I had such a crush on him in the 70's I must have sketched his picture 50 times!
Love your blog and Happy New Year!