Thursday, December 10, 2009


I was going along
Living along

We were in charge
We were the ones
We were the girls breaking the rules
The one's the songs were about
The one's with the cloths
The ones who drove the cars
Bought the stuff
Wore the shoes

I had some shoes

Coasting, holding on, making noise
And then talking about our kids

Then they had the shoes
  and a cell phone
They're working out for the ten year reunion

Now I am invisible
and I don't wear shoes


Shadow said...

superb depiction of how time changes and we with it...

enchantedoak said...

This was powerful, Jenn. The children came along. They had shoes and cell phones, working out for the 10th reunion... we became invisible and we wear warm, sensible shoes. Do you feel invisible, or simply quieter, with an inner peace instead charging through life like a wild woman?

big Jenn said...

Chris, I knew who the wild woman was. She made sense. Who is this person wearing Danskos? jeNN

Gabriella Moonlight said...

OMG Danksos, the only thing I could wear...that and barefeet!

You know you're still the wild woman who now has the wisdom...very powerful indeed!!!

What a beautiful and brilliant poem dear are amazing!


Lou said...

I love the rhythm and originality of this. You have a lot of creativity.

But I disagree with being invisible. Young people at my work are always in circles, talking about 20'ish stuff. That's OK, I remember when I used to think the world revolved around new shoes. At middle age, it takes much more to feel complete and fulfilled. We need a purpose-wherever we find it- in work, volunteering, creating..the possibilities are endless. I think if a person does not feel they are doing something worthwhile, that is when they start fading away. And feeling invisible.

More poems, please!

~ Tabitha ~ said...

well it's just as well like that can be hazardous anyway's..Great poem ;)

Tall Kay said...

From one tall woman to another...Did you EVER really wear shoes with heels like that?

It's kinda hard to be invisible when we're a head above the crowd :o)

Syd said...

I don't see how women wear the high spike heels. Don't they realize that it is killing and malforming their feet?