Friday, December 11, 2009

Flash 55 Birthday Boy!

You've got me thinking
Of birthdays past,
How each has come and gone
We all know now
The bond will last
And Flash 55 will go on

And even though
You've had it rough,
A week you won't forget

You've told the tale
With a hurtin' tail
That hasn't beat you yet!
Happy Birthday G-Man!

Try a flash 55 and  report to the G-Man and wish him a Happy Birthday while you're at it. He's old, he needs something to be happy about.


Tall Kay said...

Great birthday tribute! I like 'hurtin tail'...I couldn't think of anything but ass!

Thanks for your loving and compassionate comments. You always touch my heart. said...

that is a great birthday present I'm sure Gman will love it. I'd love to be included in your blog roll.
Larry This Blog Of Mine

Hootin' Anni said...

I love flows perfectly as it's read. Terrific tribute too.

My 55 is all the "F WORDS" this week. Here it is...don't be alarmed me

Brian Miller said...

lol. great 55 salute to da man! the tale of the tail...smiles.

mine is up!

Anonymous said...

Great gift for the G-Man!!! Love this 55!

enchantedoak said...

Good Friday to you, hunny bunny. This was a fun tribute. I'm awarding you the "From Me To You" bouquet on my blog. Now you have to tell 7 things about yourself. I'm waiting breathlessly....

Lou said...

You and the G-man got something going on?!?

(I'm being smart ass Lou today;)

G-Man said...

You are one of those special bloggers that have come into my life this past year. Your wit, your writing, your heartfelt comments, are what makes blogging so great!
You have a beautiful soul, and I'm very honored to have met you.
You Rock Baby...Thanks

Monkey Man said...

Nice Tribute to the Man of G. My 55 is Lost. Wait. HERE it is.